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2020 Bylaws
2019 Bylaws
2018 Bylaws

2020 Race Format
2019 Race Format
2018 Race Format

WQMA Open Practice Regulations
WQMA Track Policies


2018 QMA National Rulebook 

QMA Procedures

Members - Information

Safety:           7:00 - 8:30 a.m.
Registration:  7:30 - 8:30
Pit Meeting:    8:45

Fueling: Participants are to provide their own fuel.  WQMA officials will purchase gasoline from the above location on race morning for calibrating the fuel testing equipment. All participants are subject to fuel testing as determined by the Tech Director.  Due to ever changing gasoline formulations, WQMA recommends that participants only use fuel purchased on race morning.  For all WQMA Club Races we use mid-grade gasoline sold by:

    Shell Station
    13885 Frylands Blvd., Monroe, WA.

    (1/2 mile west of the track).

Please Note: QMA I.D. Cards are required for Registration to receive a Pit Pass Wrist Band-this will grant you access into the Hot Chute and Staging.

WQMA Event Format 2020

** There will be no changes to this format, once approved, until the Club Business Meeting to approve the format for the 2021 race season. **

It is the mission of QMA and WQMA to create and maintain a clean, safe and healthy sport which may be enjoyed by all family members in close relationship with good sportsmanship.  With this in mind, it is the intent of this Format to be interpreted in favor of a driver or drivers, when reasonable, to further this mission.

Facility opens at 7:00 AM. No car will be started before 8:00 AM, per our license agreement. 
Saturday and Sunday events start at the same time:  
Safety: 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM 
s: 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM 
Pit meeting: 8:45 AM 

Racing commences immediately following the pit/driver meetings. 
At the discretion of Safety Director and Treasurer, sign-ins for Sunday events may also be open on Saturday. Regardless of time in position or draw number, late sign-ins will automatically be slotted to the rear of their first race, or to the front of the qualifying order.

Event Membership

Event memberships must be pre-arranged with club prior to scheduled event.  At the discretion of the WQMA Novice Committee, we reserve the right to decline event memberships for anyone who does not meet our club’s requirements. 

WQMA minimum requirements for Event Membership:

  • Certified birth certificate.
  • Documentation of QMA Novice training program completion.

Single Event Regular Membership Fee------------------------ $40(*)
Single Event Alternate Handler Fee---------------------------------------------- $20(*)

(*) Regular pit fees still apply.

Work Rule  

Follow QMA National Work Rule. 

General Rules  

With the exception of the rules established within this document as agreed upon by the club, WQMA racing rules will follow those rules as established in the national rule book. In addition, national guidelines established for scoring procedures, flagging and judging will be utilized. Wristbands received at sign in will be worn in the hot chute area. You may be asked to leave the area if you do not have a wristband.

Code of Conduct 

Per the WQMA By-Laws, Article 4 Removal Penalties and QMA Code of Conduct will be enforced at all events. 

The WQMA facility is a public venue attended by guests on a regular basis. Positive behavior is an important part of participating in the racing events. In addition to the QMA Code of Conduct guidelines, any handler whose behavior continues to be out of line after a warning by the Race Director or Club President can be immediately removed from all racing and paved surfaces for the remainder for the event. The elected Race Director or Club President shall have final say in these matters. 

Pit Fees 

Fees listed are for WQMA events only.  For Region and National events, please see their formats.

All 2019 WQMA Club Points Series Races------------------- $20(*) per car
All 2019 WQMA Non-Points Races----------------------------- $10 per car
All 2019 WQMA Grands Qualifier Races---------------------- $2 additional fee per car

(*) Skip Chapman Memorial Fund Novice Sign In Subsidy shall apply to first three scheduled events. Pit fee shall be reduced by half ($10) per car for all WQMA Novice registrations. 

Beginning with the second occurrence in the year, repeated late sign-ins will be charged an additional $40 per car signed in late.

Transponders can be rented for a fee of $5 per driver per event and $10 for a weekend of a double header. Failure to return the transponder at the end of the race event will result in a fine of $10 (if the transponder is not returned in time to charge for the next race event). Each event date that the transponder is not returned by will increase the fine in $10 increments. If a transponder is not returned at the end of a race season, the fine will be the cost to replace the transponder plus any fines accumulated. Fines must be paid before being eligible to sign in at any future WQMA events. 


If you are unable to judge a race to which you have been assigned you must find a replacement. There must be a minimum of one (1) judge on the stand before cars are pushed off; all judges must be present prior for the start of the race. If the judges are not present, the Race Director will call for a red flag and the race will not begin until all judges are present.  The judge’s responsibility ends when the last car passes scales.  Judging procedures will follow QMA rulebook guidelines. 

Corner Workers 

All corner workers will be in their respective corners, coinciding with the numbers on the racecars prior to the start of the race. At the discretion of the Race Director, Novice races will require two corner workers in each corner while one per corner will be required for all other classes. If corner workers are not present it is the discretion of the Race Director to red flag the race until corner workers are present. Corner workers cannot be taking pictures/video.


WQMA will use transponders and computer scoring at all club events. There will be at least three scorekeepers in the tower in addition to the computer scoring system, with the computer being the backup. The number of scorekeepers may be changed at the Race Director’s discretion. Timing in will be done with transponders on qualifying dates. 

Racing Order 

The order of the classes and divisions will follow the racing order defined below; however, the Race Director may change the race schedule, at his discretion, due to inclement weather or time constraints. 

  1. Junior Novice
  2. Senior Novice
  3. Junior Honda
  4. Senior Honda
  5. Heavy Honda
  6. Jr 160
  7. Light 160
  8. Heavy 160
  9. Junior Animal
  10. Senior Animal
  11. Heavy Animal
  12. Junior Stock
  13. Mod
  14. B Class
  15. Light World Formula
  16. Heavy World Formula
  17. AA Class/Modified World Formula
  18. Junior Half

Warm Ups  

There will be no warm up period. Drivers will line up in order in the pits, and starts will be hot out of the chute. 

Race Time Limits 
There will be a time limit of 15 minutes per Heat race and 20 minutes per Main race; however, the Race Director may change these limits, at his discretion, due to inclement weather or other constraints. This time begins when the flagger throws the initial racing green flag. Clock will stop during red flag conditions.  

Race on Track Called for Time 

When time is up, per the tower, the race will finish on the next incident flag or at the checkered flag. If an incident occurs that brings out the yellow or red flag, the field will be lined up in re-start order and that will be the finish of the race signified by the waving of the yellow and checkered flags together. 

Race on Track Called for Rain 

Races on the racing surface called for rain will move the cars to the hot chute or staging area as directed by the race director, cars will remain there until race is resumed or called. No working on cars in the hot chute during rain delay.

Rain Out of Event  

For the 2020 season, there will be no makeup days for Rain Outs. 

It is at the discretion of the Race Director to call the race for cause. The race director will not make a final decision to cancel an event prior to 11:30 am. Rain Outs are club events that were called due to rain or other cause when no green flag was thrown for any race or qualifier. 

No late sign-ins will be allowed after a rain out is called. Drivers signed in will receive an
“Attempt to race” toward year end award eligibility.  

Refunds: For the first Rain Out of the season only, racing fees will be rolled forward to the following club event. If that event also rains out then fees are donated to the club.


In the case that the event is delayed, the Race Director will have the authority to alter the number of laps to best fit in all the races. 

Car Count 

If car count for any given club event (excluding state and region events) is 51 cars or more, 1 set of heats (or qualifying) and 1 set of mains will be run. If the car count is 50 cars or less, qualifying, heats, and 1 set of mains will be run. 

The format (qualifying or heats) of each race event is determined by the season’s published schedule.

Qualifying or Heats

The format (qualifying or heats) of each race event is determined by the season’s published schedule.


Track records will be open at all events with qualifying format.  On qualifying days up to 5 warm up laps will be allowed, along with three laps on the clock. Track records will be timed utilizing the WQMA computer scoring system.  In the event that there is a scoring or timing malfunction while a car is on the track for qualifying that prevents the car from accurately being timed during the prescribed number of laps, the car will be black flagged and brought into the hot chute. Timing of other cars in class may continue while timing issue is addressed.  The car in the hot chute will be released after a minimum of two cars complete qualifying, and at the discretion of the Race Director. The car will then be sent out again to start their 5 warm up and 3 laps on the clock 

Points – Moving up

Drivers advancing from one division to another, within the same engine class, may be able to take part in the new division’s point series.  With regard to points, move ups are:

  • drivers moving from novice to a competitive class (Novice to Jr. Honda or Sr. Honda)
  • drivers moving from one division to another within the same engine class (examples: Jr. Animal to Sr. Animal, Lt. 160 to Hvy. 160.

NOT considered a move up: Moving from one CLASS to another (such as: Jr. Novice to Jr. Animal, Jr. Honda to Lt. 160 or Sr. Stock to Mod) will not be considered a move up: the driver will enter the new class with 0 points.

When a driver moves up, he will enter the new division with 1 point less than the driver with the lowest point total in the new division, who has run the same number of events.

In order to be eligible for the move up points, drivers must move by the start of the 4th race of the series. If a driver moves up after the 4th race in the series, they will start with 0 points in the new class. 

Only one move per series allowed, and it must be at the beginning of an event. If a move up received a Flagrant Unsportsmanlike Conduct disqualification or a Technical DQ at teardown, or suspension in the old division, then they will start the new division with 0 points. Moved up drivers retain the points received in their old division for the remainder of the points series.

Throw Out Event 

There will be one throw out event for the 2020 season (per driver, per class/division).  Each competitor will throw out their lowest event points total in each eligible class/division; it must be an event where other competitors scored points in that class/division.  You cannot throw out an event in which you receive NE (NE=not eligible) due to a Flagrant Unsportsmanlike Conduct disqualification, Technical DQ at teardown, or suspension. 

A driver does not need to sign in to an eligible event to qualify for a throw out event. A missed event (in a class/division where other competitors scored points at that event) will be scored as 0 points and may be used as the throw out event for that class/division.  

Move ups: If the driver moves up and missed an event in the old division, their one throw out event will be in the old division and will not be allowed another in the new division. 

Points System  

Points are awarded to the driver, not the car.

Only the divisions who have completed the A Mains will receive points for the event **In the event of a tie for places at the end of the series, two equal places will be awarded. (Ex. tie for 1st there will be 2 - 1st place awards given, and the next best finisher would receive third place). Rollover awards will be given only if the rollover occurred during a race (warm-ups and practice do not count).

For heat and qualifying points tables, please see the end of the document.


If two or more cars are disabled together and are unable to continue, the points will be added together and divided between them equally unless one of the cars receives a call for that incident in which case they will then be scored as the next car behind the others in that incident. 

Flagrant black flags will be captured on scoring sheet by tower and receive 0 points for that race. Flagrant Unsportsmanlike Conduct disqualification and Technical DQ's at tear down will receive no points, and NE (NE = not eligible) for the entire event in that class but will still receive credit for year-end awards. Drivers under suspension will receive
NE for the specific class they are suspended from. All other DQ's will result in last place points for that race. If more than one driver is disqualified in a race, then both drivers will receive last place points. For example, if two drivers are DQ'd in a race with ten cars, then both drivers would receive points for 10th place. No driver would receive 9th place points. 

If a driver scratches from their Main race, before the lineup is posted, lineups will be adjusted per the QMA rule book.

Drivers who score DNS (Did Not Start) or DNF (Did Not Finish) as the result of a crash, third chargeable DOT (Dead On Track), or any other instance identified as a DNF under QMA rules in a race will receive points according to when they drop out in relation to other drivers. They will be slotted into the main features based on their finishing position but will not be part of the inversion. 

DNA (Did Not Attempt) means that the qualified car was not started or pushed out from the staging area onto the track for the race. A DNA for heat races or qualifying will receive 0 points. DNA in the main feature will receive last place points, but only if the driver attempted to race/ qualify for that class/division earlier in the event; otherwise the driver will receive 0 points

Novice Class is NOT racing for points or championships. Their attendance is logged for year-end participation awards. 

Awards For Points Events (awards given unless otherwise stated)
A-Main Events: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Places 
B-Main Events: 1st & 2nd Places; Ribbon for 3rd & 4th Places C & Lower Mains: 1st Place; Ribbon for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Places
Any awards for non-points events to be determined by the board. 

Event awards will be given out immediately after tech is completed except in extreme circumstances as determined by the WQMA President. 

Year End Awards 

For a driver to qualify for year-end awards he must attempt to race 50% of the scheduled events in the classes point series. 
For a division to qualify for year-end awards, that division must attempt to race at least 50% of the scheduled events with a minimum of 2 cars in each event.
An “attempt to race” for an event shall be defined by either of the following scenarios: • Car signed in and scored something other than a “DNA” for qualifying, or a heat, or a main. See definition of “DNA” under Points System.
• Car signed in and event was called on account of rain or other cause. See Rain Out of Event.
Eligibility for year-end participation awards will be defined as signing in for 50% of club events available to you as a WQMA member.

Year-end trophies and jackets will be awarded to the top four competitors in each division.

Tire Rule 

All participants in all 2020 WQMA events will be required to run Spec Vega QMA tires on the right front and on the right rear.  If a car is spotted in staging with the wrong brand and or compound tire, they will be required to change to the allowed tire brand and compound before being allowed to enter the track. If a car finishes a race with the wrong brand or compound tire, then they will be DQ’d at scales and receive 0 points for that race. All other QMA rules pertaining to tires apply. Junior Novice and Senior Novice are not required to run the Spec Hoosier QMA tires. 

At all 2020 WQMA events all cars will be required to start their A Main event with the same right-side tires that they ran during their respective heat race. For qualifying events, all cars will be required to start the A Main event with the same right-side tires that they qualified with. The WQMA Tech Director and WQMA board will implement a system for marking tires at the conclusion of each heat race or qualifying session to ensure that A Main feature participants are using the same tire that was used for heat races and/or time trials. Allowances for a replacement tire can be made with prior Race Director approval in cases where a tire becomes inadvertently damaged beyond use. The replacement tire must also be a previously marked tire. Penalty for racing the A Main without the required marked tire will be considered a DQ at scales and receive last place points for that race.


Fuel will be tested periodically at the discretion of the tech director. Mid-grade fuel must be purchased at the Shell station, at 13885 Fryelands Blvd. Monroe, WA 98272 (1/2 mile west of track on Hwy. 2, across highway and railroad from AM/PM), on the day of all club events, points races or not, whether it is heat races or qualifying format. Selected station and grade shall be posted on the club website. 


Sealing will be done per QMA procedures/rules on qualifying days immediately after each car qualifies that breaks that division's track record. Those cars required to be sealed that leave the sealing area prior to getting their car sealed will receive a “no time”. In Addition, all of these seals must still be in place when engine is teched. 

Technical Procedures  

The top 4 finishers in each A Main of all events will automatically be impounded to a specified holding area for Technical proceedings. Fuel will be checked on all cars before they are released. Tech teardowns will be done per QMA rulebook. All cars in impound must remain there until released by tech director; not doing so will be considered a refusal of tech. The Technical Director and one WQMA club board member will coordinate with the tower on how tech will be handled at each race. The Technical Director will draw a minimum of two divisions that will be inspected for the event in the presence of at least 1 club board member. 

In addition, cars will be checked for weight and conformance with QMA rules such as nerf bars, tread width, etc., when leaving the track after qualifying/heats and main events. Do not leave scale area until you are released or you will be DQ'd. 

End of Year Tech

At the conclusion of the final club points race of the year, the top four drivers in championship points in each class must present their car and engine for end of year tech.
If you will not be attending the last points race of the year, exceptions will be made to present the car and engine at an alternate time and/or location.  All exceptions must be approved by the tech director and the board prior to the running of the final points race.
Failure to present car and engine for end of year tech will result in the loss of 150 championship points.

Helmet Visors 

All drivers must wear clear or amber face shields after dark, or whenever the lights are turned on. The race director shall determine specifically which race number this begins with. 


  • Helmet: Snell SA/SAH 2010 or SFI 24.1, with no cracks in face shield
  • Jacket and Pants (or full suit): SFI 3.2A/1 minimum 
  • Neck Collar or Hans Type collar: SFI 3.3 
  • Gloves: SFI 3.3/5 2 layer 
  • Wrist Restraints: No spec 
  • Shoes: No spec, just must completely cover feet 
  • Socks: No exposed skin when sitting in car 

Points System Tables

Heats: 1 point spread per position 
1st – 20 
2nd – 19 
3rd – 18 etc. 

Heat race line-ups to be determined by pill draw at sign-in. Driver pill draw numbers will be posted next to driver's name. 

Main Event: 2 point spread per position: 

A-Main: 1st - 150, 2nd -148, 3rd -146, 4th -144, 5th -142, 6th -140, 7th -138 etc. 

B-Main: 5th - 130, 6th -128, 7th -126, 8th -124, 9th -122, 10th -120  (Novice Classes Start at 134)

C-Main: 5th - 118, 6th -116, 7th -114, 8th -112, 9th -110, 10th -108  (Novice Classes Start at 126) 

D-Main: 5th - 106, 6th -104, 7th -102, 8th -100, 9th -98, 10th -96  (Novice Classes Start at 118) 

E-Main: 5th - 94, 6th -92, 7th -90, 8th -88, 9th -86, 10th -84  (Novice Classes Start at 110) 

F-Main: 5th - 82, 6th -80, 7th -78, 8th -76, 9th -74, 10th -72  (Novice Classes Start at 102) 

G-Main: 5th - 70, 6th -68, 7th -66, 8th -64, 9th -62, 10th -60 etc. 

(Novice Classes Start at 94) 

Click here for Qualifying points tables.





1       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 













Section 1  

The name of the corporation shall be Washington Quarter Midget Association, also known as  



Section 2  

The purpose of the corporation is: to promote, foster and encourage the sport of quarter midget 

racing; to engage in any activity in connection with the display, demonstration, or exhibition of 

quarter midgets; to provide organized activity wherein entire families can participate together; to 

teach and instruct the membership in driving safety and sportsmanship; to provide supervised and 

regulated races wherein race cars compete.  


Section 3  

These by-laws may be amended at the annual meeting or a special meeting of the membership. 

DISSOLUTION – Upon dissolution, all assets of the organization or the proceeds there from shall be 

donated to the Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation, federal tax ID 91-1156519, or 

another children’s charity that qualifies under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service 



These by-laws dated November 1, 2019 are a revised edition of the original by-laws of the 

Washington Quarter Midget Association, dated November 30, 1967.  





Section 1  

Membership in the club shall consist of those persons interested in fulfilling the purpose of the club 

as set forth herein: The membership of this organization shall be open to anyone who desires to 

become a member thereof, and to assist in furthering the purpose of the organization. No one need 

own a quarter midget race car in order to qualify for membership.  




Regular membership may be obtained by a written application from a person over the age of 18 to 

the board of directors, accompanied by dues in the amount established by WQMA. Alternate 

Handler membership may be obtained by a written application from a person over the age of 18 to 

the board of directors, accompanied by dues in the amount established by WQMA.  Alternate 

Handlers do not have voting rights.  


Section 2  

DUES - All members of the organization shall pay dues on or before October 31.  Membership dues 

are as follows:  





2       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 

On or before October 31 (or new members at any time):  

Regular membership with WQMA as home club: QMA national Regular dues plus $110 club dues 

Regular membership with WQMA as associate club: $110 club dues  

Alternate Handler membership: QMA national Alternate Handler dues  


After December 31 (renewing members only):  

Regular membership with WQMA as home club: QMA national Regular dues plus $125 club dues  

Regular membership with WQMA as associate club: $125 club dues  

Alternate Handler membership: QMA national Alternate Handler dues  


Section 3  

The membership year is from January 1 to December 31.  






Section 1  

A family may participate under one paid Regular membership and will be entitled to a single vote for 

each spouse.  


All Regular members in good standing are authorized to vote at any membership or special meeting. 

Any person who wishes to attend a meeting of the board of directors may do so and may enter into 

the discussion of WQMA business if the presiding chairman of WQMA wishes to allow discussion 

by persons other than WQMA members. Any WQMA member in good standing may attend the 

board of directors meetings, and may participate in the discussion of WQMA business, but does not 

have the right to vote.   


Member in good standing is defined as follows: any member that has paid all local and national 

dues, fees, fines, and has completed all duties required by the club and organization, and is not 

currently serving a suspension.  


Section 2  

The racing facilities of WQMA may be used for practice by current WQMA members only or by 

other QMA members while a WQMA member is present.  


Section 3  

Current WQMA members are to be given the access code to the racing facilities of WQMA. 

The access code is to be changed at the beginning of each membership year under the direction 

of the board of directors.  


Section 4 Member Work Rule  

Except in years when WQMA hosts a Grand National Event, each membership year each family 

with a Regular WQMA membership must contribute a minimum of ten (10) hours of volunteer work 

to the club by participating in club work parties or other activities approved by the board of directors 

or the president.  Regular members joining after May 31 and families in their Novice year, must 





3       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 






contribute a minimum of five (5) hours.  These hours are for non-race day contributions above and 

beyond the regular volunteer jobs required to conduct race events.  


During any year that WQMA is hosting a Grand National Event, the minimum required work hours 

will be raised to fourteen (14), ten (10) of which must be completed fourteen (14) days prior to the 

first day of the Grand National Event for that Regular member family to receive any club member 

benefits, including parking, which are related to the Grand National Event.  


In lieu of the work hours, a Regular member family may satisfy the Member Work Rule requirement 

with a penalty fee of no less than $250 to the club that is not related to any other club fund raising 

efforts. A penalty paid in lieu of the work hours requirement will not qualify the member family for 

any club member benefits, including parking, related to a Grand National event hosted by the club.  


The WQMA board of directors or the president will be responsible for declaring which activities are 

approved for use to satisfy the Member Work Rule requirement. The club President will designate 

for each approved activity a person to be responsible for tracking and reporting the hours worked to 

the club secretary.   





Section 1  

QMA code of conduct will be enforced at all events. During racing events the use of intoxicants by 

members is strictly prohibited. Any member in the area of a scheduled event violating this rule, as 

observed by two or more members of the board of directors (henceforth referred to as board 

members), will be escorted from the event and/or suspended for a period determined by the board of 



Section 2  

Upon written notification to the board of directors from a member in good standing, anyone may be 

removed from membership in the organization for cause, as determined by the board of directors, by 

a majority vote of the members attending a special meeting. Should the number of members voting 

for the removal not exceed 50% of the total membership, the member so removed may call for a 

subsequent special meeting to reconsider his removal. Said subsequent special meeting shall be held 

within 30 days after it has been requested and must be preceded by notice of the meeting, which sets 

forth the reason for which the meeting was called. For the purpose of the subsequent special 

meeting, a majority vote of the members in attendance is required to sustain the removal from 






Section 1  

ANNUAL MEETING – The regular November meeting shall be considered the annual meeting. At 

said meeting the members shall consider reports of the affairs of the corporation, and transact such 





4       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 






business as may be properly brought before the meeting. It is at this time that members may present 

and vote on additions or deletions to the by-laws.  




Section 2  

SPECIAL MEETINGS – A special meeting of WQMA members may be convened at any time by  

the board of directors and shall be arranged within seven (7) days from the receipt of a requisition in 

writing signed by not less than ten (10) WQMA members in good standing, specifying the subject of 

the meeting to be convened, and notice of such special meeting shall be sent to the members no less 

than fourteen (14) days before the scheduled meeting.   


Section 3  

MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS – Monthly meetings of the membership for the purpose of discussing 

WQMA business shall be held at such time and place as determined by the board of directors.  


Section 4  

NOTICE OF MEETINGS – All members shall receive notice of all meetings. Notice shall be given 

at least seven (7) days before the date of said meeting. Email will be recognized as written notice. 

Optionally, telephone notification shall take place at least five (5) days before the date of said 

meeting. It is the responsibility of individual members to ensure that the club secretary has current 

phone number, email address, and mailing address for the purpose of meeting notification.   


Section 5  

REGULAR BOARD MEETINGS – Regular meetings of the board of directors shall be held each 

month at such time and place as designated by the president.  


Section 6  

SPECIAL BOARD MEETINGS – Special meetings of the board of directors for any purpose shall 

be called at any time by the president or by the secretary, upon the order of any two board members.  

Each and every director must be notified of any special board meeting, and the subject matter 

prompting the meeting.  If there are decisions to be made by the board of directors between 

scheduled meetings, they may be made via email and will be recorded in the record of meeting 



Section 7  

REMOVAL OF DIRECTORS – Any director may be removed from office at any time for cause by 

a majority vote of the members attending a special meeting. Should the number of members voting 

for the removal not exceed 50% of the total membership, the board member so removed may call for 

a subsequent special meeting to reconsider his removal. Said subsequent election shall be held 

within 30 days after it has been requested and must be preceded by notice of the meeting which sets 

forth the reason for which the meeting was called. For the purpose of the subsequent meeting, a 

majority vote of the members in attendance is required to sustain the removal from the board of 







5       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 






Section 8  

QUORUM – Board of Directors: a minimum of five (5) board members shall be present for the 

transaction of any business of the organization at any regular or special board meeting.  


Section 9  

QUORUM – Membership: A minimum of five (5) non-board Regular and three (3) board members 

shall constitute a quorum, unless otherwise specified.  




Section 10  

PARLIMENTARY AUTHORITY - The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used as 

a reference for the society in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not 

inconsistent with the by-laws of this organization.  


All members of WQMA and their families will abide by the by-laws of this corporation.  


This organization will subscribe to Quarter Midgets of America, Inc. and will abide by the rules and 

regulations therein.  


All the rules and regulations governing the conduct of races and of racing personnel, and the 

specifications which must be met before a car may qualify for quarter midget racing, shall be as 

directed by QMA and as adopted and amended by the board of directors; provided, however, that 

such adoption and amendment be ratified by the membership at large.  





Section 1  

The fiscal year shall be from November 1


through October 31.




Section 2  

A review of WQMA financial records will be conducted in October of each year by a committee 

consisting of two (2) board members and two (2) Regular WQMA members who are not on the 

board of directors. The Treasurer will not be on this committee but must be available in person, by 

phone, or by video to answer questions. This committee will report its findings at the annual 



Section 3  

WQMA will adopt an annual operating budget of income and expense no later than December 31.  









6       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 






Section 1  

All business and affairs of the corporation shall be controlled by the board of directors. The board 

has the authority to appoint any committee to be made up of members of the corporation who are not 

directors, but each committee must include at least one director in its membership.   


Section 2  

The nomination of members for a position on the board of directors shall open at the September 

business meeting.  The number of directors of this corporation shall be established at nine. The ninth 

position will be filled by the last president prior to the election of new officers at the October 

membership meeting.  At the time of election, each board of director candidate shall be a member in 

good standing, having already met all financial and volunteer obligations for the current membership 

year, and shall have renewed his/her Regular membership for the following membership year.  



Elections will be conducted by issuing to and collecting from each voting member one ballot at the 

October membership meeting. The President will select three (3) persons from the members present 

to serve as the tellers committee. The tellers committee will distribute, collect, and verify the ballots. 

The committee will select a chairperson who will oversee and confirm the counting of the votes cast 

for each position. The chairperson will prepare a written Tellers Committee Report of the election 

results to include the number of votes cast for each position and the number of votes received by 

each candidate. The chairperson will announce the names of the newly elected board members to the 

membership prior to the end of the meeting. The Tellers Committee Report will be given to the 

Secretary for placement in the official records of the corporation. New directors shall take office on 

November 1.  


Section 3  

3 (A) PRESIDENT – The membership shall elect, from their own number, a president of said 

organization. The president shall chair all meetings of the members in addition to any other 

duties this office may require.  


The president shall preside at all meetings, shall sign all notes, contracts, deeds, outages, 

releases, bills of sales, leases and all papers and instruments required to be executed by the 

corporation in its name. The president shall guide and direct all activities of the organization 

and be responsible for the overall growth of said organization.   


The president or his/her designee shall be the single point of contact to landlord and 

government officials for initiating discussion of club business.  


3 (B)   VICE PRESIDENT – The membership shall elect, from their own number, a vice president 

of said organization. The vice president shall serve as the chairman of all meetings in the 

absence of the president. The vice president will assist the president in every aspect of their 



The vice president shall be directly responsible for increasing the membership of the 

organization and in this capacity they shall direct any activities necessary to fulfill this goal.  






7       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 






The vice president shall be responsible for setting up and maintaining a judging training 

package to be used during novice training and for anyone else who wishes to participate. The 

vice president can designate an assistant from the members at large or an experienced club 

member to help produce and maintain the package.  


3 (C)   SECRETARY – The membership shall elect, from their own number, a secretary of said 

organization. The secretary shall keep full and accurate minutes of all meetings, both regular 

and special, of the board of directors and of the membership at large. The minutes of the 

meetings shall be recorded in proper books to be kept for that purpose. The secretary shall be 

custodian of correspondence to and from the association.   


3 (D) TREASURER – The membership shall elect, from their own number, a treasurer of said 

organization. The president, secretary and treasurer shall have executive control of all 

expenditures made by the corporation and the custody of all funds belonging to the 

corporation. The treasurer’s management of the financial affairs of the corporation will be 

subject only to the approval or ratification of the board of directors. All signatures relating to 

bank accounts and financial transactions shall require two (2) of the three (3) signatures to be  

legal.  No transaction shall contain signatures belonging to members who are related within 

one degree.  During those years when multiple signatories are related, the board of directors 

shall appoint an additional, unrelated board member to be added as a signatory.  The 

treasurer shall maintain an asset register showing all equipment.   


3 (E)   RACE DIRECTOR – The membership shall elect, from their own number, a race director of 

said organization. The race director shall know and enforce all rules and regulation 

concerning our race program and must have a minimum of two years verified racing 

experience in quarter midget racing.   


The race director shall be responsible for the preparation of the proposed racing schedule and 

race format subject to board recommendation and membership approval. The race director 

shall assist all officials placed under his direction to assure a well-organized program. The 

race director has only the authority granted by the board of directors.   


3 (F)   NOVICE TRAINING DIRECTOR – The membership shall elect, from their own number, a 

novice training director. The novice training director shall be responsible to preserve and 

uphold the high standards, and maintain the integrity and reputation of the novice training 

program at WQMA.  

The purpose of the novice director, or any trainer, is defined in the rules of QMA.  


The fundamental purpose of the novice trainer is to train new drivers and their families so 

that they understand the basic rules, are able to handle themselves and their cars in a safe 

manner on the track, and understand the basics of the club and how it operates.   


Requested training dates must be submitted to the race director and secretary at least 

fourteen (14) days prior to start date of the class. This is for the purpose of informing club 

members of track closure dates.  






8       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 






3 (G) TECHNICAL DIRECTOR- The membership shall elect, from their own number, a technical 

director. The technical director shall appoint a committee, consisting of three members who 

are willing and have the ability to assume the responsibility of this position. The tech 

committee shall have full authority to inspect, in any manner deemed necessary, to determine 

the legality of any car or engine racing on our track without prior notice.   


3 (H) SAFETY DIRECTOR- The membership shall elect, from their own number, a safety director. 

The safety director shall be responsible for the safety of the track, pit area, and handlers and 

drivers. If at any time the safety director feels that the safety of the drivers, handlers, or 

spectators is in jeopardy, the safety director may at his discretion, stop the race or time trials.  

The safety director is responsible for the safety inspection of any and all cars at any given 

time during a race day and is also responsible for seeing that all drivers have the proper 

safety equipment.  


The safety director shall be responsible for arranging for a minimum of two (2) club 

members to safety cars on race days/weekends until sign-ins are closed.  


3 (I)   PAST PRESIDENT - The ninth position will be filled by the last president prior to the 

election of new officers at the October membership meeting. The past president shall provide 

guidance and continuity from the previous board of directors. The past president is  

responsible for aiding the president on matters of the club and business conducted by 

previous board of directors. The past president will serve at least one year in this capacity 

unless they fill another board position or no longer remain a Regular member.  


In the event the past president position is not filled, the incoming board of directors will 

appoint from the membership a member at large to fulfill this role. This member at large 

should have a minimum of three (3) years’ experience within the club and satisfies the 

requirements of a board of director candidate. This position will be a one (1) year position 

and reappointed each year there is not a past president to fill this role.  


Section 4  

In the event a board of directors position is not filled, the incoming board of directors will appoint, 

from the Regular membership, a member who satisfies the requirements of the position to fulfill this 






Section 1  

There shall be, at each race or event sponsored by this organization, a number of members who shall 

serve as track officials and other lead positions. Each of these volunteers shall have full authority to 

accomplish their respective job as said job is so stated in the by-laws. The Flagger, Pit Boss, and 

Tower Head shall act directly under the race director.  The Concessions Manager and Merchandise 

Manager shall act directly under the President.  






9       Approved at Annual Meeting – November 1, 2019 






1 (A) FLAGGER – The flagger shall be a current QMA member, either Regular or Alternate 

Handler, who is willing to assume the responsibility of this position.  The flagger shall 

handle the flags in such a manner as to ensure a safe, fast and continuous race and they shall 

have the authority to stop the race or black flag any car in accordance with the QMA 

flagging procedures. Driving infractions will be the responsibility of judges and the flagger 

will act on these decisions.  


1 (B)   PIT BOSS – The pit boss shall be a current QMA member, either Regular or Alternate 

Handler, who is capable and willing to assume the responsibility of this position. The pit 

boss shall control all activities in the pit area that affect the race schedule, including but not 

limited to the verification of each driver’s safety gear and timing of the start of each race.  


1 (C)  TOWER HEAD – The tower head, appointed by the president and confirmed by the board of 

directors, will run the operations in the tower in accordance with the guidelines in the scoring 

procedures. The tower head shall appoint an assistant to assume tower responsibilities in 

his/her absence.  


1 (D) CONCESSIONS MANAGER – The concessions manager, appointed by the president and  

confirmed by the board of directors, will be responsible for the club’s café operations, 

including the stocking, staffing, and maintenance of the concession stand.  The concessions 

manager will be responsible for reporting all income and expenses to the treasurer at the end 

of each race day and to help determine the amount to be deposited.  The concessions 

manager shall appoint an assistant to assume responsibilities in his/her absence.  


1 (E)   MERCHANDISE MANAGER - The merchandise manager, appointed by the president and 

confirmed by the board of directors, will be responsible for the club’s merchandise 

operations, including the stocking, staffing, and maintenance of the merchandise stand. The 

merchandise manager will be responsible for reporting all income and expenses to the 

treasurer at the end of each race day and to help determine the amount to be deposited. The 

merchandise manager shall appoint an assistant to assume responsibilities in his/her absence.  


Section 2  

Provision is made for the formation of a drivers club to be under the direction of the board of 






Please Note: QMA I.D. Cards are required for Registration to receive a Pit Pass Wrist Band-this will grant you access into the Hot Chute and Staging.

  • No vehicles or trailers are permitted inside the fenced area unless approved by the Board under special circumstances.

  • No smoking inside the 6’ fence.

  • Due to high risk liability, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, bicycles, motorcycles, or similar recreational vehicles are not allowed on the grounds.  This is a rule per our landlord, Evergreen Speedway. 

  • Use of golf carts are limited to licensed drivers, age 16 or older, with their own insurance.  Drivers must operate their golf cart or scooter in a safe manner at all times.  The ability to use a golf cart or scooter at WQMA may be revoked at any time for unsafe behavior.

  • All dogs or other pets must remain on a leash and under control of their owner at all times. Owners are required to clean up after their pets.

  • Curfew for children is set at dark. If children are found outside after this time, they will be instructed to return to their motor home/camper. If the child does not comply, the child will be banned from race participation for that weekend’s event. Special consideration will be given when races are held under the lights.

  • The entire Fairgrounds property, including Evergreen State Speedway will be subject to the QMA Code of Conduct.

  • Generator curfew is 11:00pm. However, there is no generator curfew for the most southerly (3) three rows of parking. Generators in this area will be allowed to run 24 hours a day, assuming a reasonable decibel level is maintained. The intent for the generator friendly area is to allow power for RV’s. The rule is not intended to be an area for race trailers and cars to be worked on all night, nor is it intended to be an all night social area.

  • All trailers with fuel cans are required by the Snohomish County Fire Marshall to be in possession of a 2A10BC Fire Extinguisher.  These can be purchased at any Lowes or Home Depot (WQMA also has a few available for sale from the Registration window).

1. The track is open to any WQMA member for the purpose of practice from 9:00 am to dusk on weekdays and Saturdays and 10:00 am to dusk on Sundays. Exceptions include when the track will be closed for practice are the fairgrounds blackout days, event race days, and other days designated by the club such as scheduled work parties.

2. All persons participating in any practice at the track must have QMA insurance to be inside the pit area.

3. There must be an adult member over 18 on premise while any car is practicing.

4. There must be at least 1 fire extinguisher located in the pit area whenever there is a car on the track.

5. There should be no more than five (5) cars on the track at any time other than club- sanctioned racing events.

6. There can be no children in the Hot Chute at any time other than drivers strapped in race cars.

7. All drivers must obey all track safety rules and racing rules. They must obey all rules when entering and exiting the track, including no driving through the pit area.

8. NO SMOKING in the pit area and no alcoholic beverages in the pit area.

9. All members are reminded to exercise fairness and courtesy at all times. If others are waiting please limit your practice sessions to approximately 5 minute intervals in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to have track time.

10. Novices should be given an opportunity by others to have practice time alone on the track. Novices should not be on the track with cars in a class higher than Jr. Honda.

11. Please make sure to clean up after yourselves when leaving the hot chute and pit area.

12. All other WQMA track rules must be followed during practice such as no bikes and scooters on the grounds etc.