Western Grands Logistics
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  • 8am Sunday 7/23: General Parking starts
  • 8am Saturday 7/22: WQMA member (with volunteer hours completed) parking starts
  • 2pm Saturday 7/22: Vendors, VIP, and Key Volunteer Parking starts

Non VIP parking will be by order of arrival into the parking line. If you want to park next to someone, please ensure that you arrive together and enter the parking line together. Should you plan to leave before the finish of the event, please let the parking team know this when you arrive so that you can be placed on the end of a row or in another location that makes this possible.
  Parking Overview

For the majority of parking, please enter off 179th Avenue SE (as indicated on the right) and follow the road around to the island.

A member of the WQMA parking team will meet you here, help you detach, get your trailer parked, and direct you where to park your motorhome.

The main gates off 179th Avenue SE will NOT be unlocked and opened by the Fairgrounds until 7am on Saturday 7/22 (and should remain so through the evening and Sunday). We cannot have motorhomes and trailers blocking 179th Ave SE or Highway 2, so please do not arrive extremely early for parking.


Please Note: Evergreen Fairgrounds will be hosting one of their largest events of the year, the Summer Showdown July 21 & 22nd.  This means that traffic and parking on Saturday night will be a bit difficult.  Unless it has already been arranged, absolutely no early parking will be allowed.

As there will be a tremendous outflow of traffic from the Fairgrounds onto Highway 2 from the let out of these events, please avoid any arrivals between 8pm and 12am Friday or Saturday night. If your timing absolutely requires entry between 8pm and 12am the evenings of the summer showdown, you will need to enter from the WQMA gate as shown to the right. The traffic outflow from the Fairgrounds will prohibit entrances from the park and ride entrance and the 179th Ave SE entrances during these hours.

All trailers must have a visible 5 pound ABC type fire extinguisher!

See Property Rules for more details.



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